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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

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Hey guys, you basically know how my week went!

Wait actually that’s not true at all, because there was a huge change Sunday. I got emergency transferred to be a zone leader. I’m leaving tomorrow. No, I don’t know where. I’m packing all of my suitcases and heading to Berlin, then I sit through a 6 hour long meeting, and then I will find out where I’ll be.  Ahh.

I’m really really bummed to be leaving, especially since there is a ton of stuff going on right now. But adventures to come and all that.

I’m excited for a new challenge.

I really enjoyed skyping with you guys – I hope it wasn’t super boring for you guys…

But I love you guys a lot. It was super great for me, at least. I also wanted to thank you guys for Christmas. I was really impressed with how thoughtful you were with your gifts. For example, those little magnet shirt stays are AWESOME. They work perfectly. I’m excited for the banjo lessons, and the bracelet means a lot to me. Also the jam is cool. It’s perfect, because some less active hippie people gave us homemade peanut butter. Also, Grandma Cathy sent me a few cards, and they were so sweet. I’m super excited to read the talks too – it looks like you guys picked some doozies.

I love you guys, and I hope you get my Christmas package soon!

I’ll give you my new address when I get it. Also, thank your friend for the email, please. It was super funny.

Again, you are so awesome! Thanks for being my family!

Have a great week!

Elder Greaves