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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

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Hey Family and Friends!

Aspen: Congrats on getting in to BYU-ID!

So this week was pretty decent… OR SO I THOUGHT!!!!

I’ll explain that.

So this week, we had a super awesome conference from the missionary department. It was so good. It was kind of like General Conference, in that it was rare that something completely new was said, but the repeated things really hit me and invited me to change.

For example, they invited us to teach people how to repent, because that is our purpose: to teach repentance, and baptize converts. So we tried that with M this week, and worked really hard to teach him how to repent. It is super uncommon, at least in my mission, to commit people to repent. Which seems really silly, so we tried that with M. We’ll have to follow up with him about that this week, but we are really excited. I mean, it sounds so simple, but it’s just not done!

Anyway, I’m super behind today, so I’ll just go on a rant real quick. 🙂

Elder Weber said he read one of his old emails from the beginning of his mission, and how it was really funny to see how weird it was for him now. So I did that, and man did I pick a zinger.  [See posting from November 18, 2014].

In one week, this is what happened:

  • I went on exchanges with someone that was also new, so neither of us could speak German, but we found 7 contacts in 2 hours.
  • A new investigator read in the Book of Mormon, and told us in his 2nd lesson that he believed it to be true, and believed in the Restoration.
  • A contact had a dream about 2 German speakers knocking on his door, and he felt that was a sign from God that we were his messengers.
  • We recontacted a former investigator, who had been reading in the Book of Mormon, loved it, and wanted to get baptized.
  • We contacted a media referral. He had referred himself after reading the Book of Mormon online, and believed it was true.
  • We got a second media referral, who ended up later being on baptismal date and driving 2.5 hours to church.
  • We baptized D.
  • The Piano guys gave a concert to the missionaries in Hamburg.


Really, this isn’t even a joke. I feel like I’ve been led down a grassy, rolling, slope with a flaxen cord around my neck, slowly making my way to the hell that is mediocrity.

It probably sounds to you guys like I freak out about every 6 weeks and have a “realization” and then rant and get angry and then rededicate myself.

Yeah… That’s pretty accurate.

This was just a great reminder of the potential that I have. That’s something I want to achieve.

I don’t have any more time, but I love you guys!

Elder Greaves