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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

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Hey guys! How are you? This week has been pretty great. The majority of our time was taken preparing ourselves, R and everything else for the baptism. There are just a ton of details that you don’t even think about. It so interesting with new converts, because you’re like a proud mother hen whenever they do anything right. So if R ever answers a question at church or in a lesson, I just end up beaming because his answers are so great.


Have I mentioned how awesome it is, being with the BYU students? I love it, because they help us so much. So Saturday R was baptized, and it was awesome. Afterwards we played ping pong, and I held my own. This weekend was just great. After the baptism, we taught M from China too. I shared my personal story, and we had a fantastic lesson. She was really pumped to pray on her own.

On Sunday we met with Sis. S. After 90 minutes, she finally agreed to give up smoking!!! I promised to give up bad posture at the same time, which is just about the best thing I ever could have said to an older German lady. 🙂 I also got to confirm R on Sunday, which was super awesome and spiritual. And now I’m in Frankfurt Oder. It’s great! I am missing normal missionary work a lot, and by the end
of the week I’ll be going nuts, but it’s great. Sorry I don’t have more time…. I have to go study the other language!

Elder Greaves