elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Christmas Package Information

Germany Berlin Mission

September 3, 2014

Dear Parents of Elder Greaves,

Thank you for the marvelous support and love you are giving your missionary. We know he looks forward to an e-mail or letter each week from you and an occasional package.

Christmas will be here before we know it! We are planning to hold our Christmas Zone Meetings December 9-13th this year. These are the dates we will distribute Christmas packages from home. If you are planning to send a Christmas package to your missionary, please send it so that it arrives NO LATER than Monday, December 1st.  Please label it so we know it is for Christmas!

We do not recommend sending packages to the missionary’s apartment. Please send all packages to the mission office (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). All packages should be sent no later than October 15th. The mission office address is:

Kirche Jesu Christi HLT

Elder Caleb Greaves

Zerbster Strasse


Berlin Germany

Smaller and lighter packages arrive much more quickly to Germany. To avoid long delays and excessive custom fees, for which your missionary is responsible, we recommend you keep the value of the package under $50.00 and complete the Customs Declaration Value Form with the correct value. Thank you for helping us in this manner.

We want to wish you a joyous Christmas season and celebrate with you the blessing of having your son or daughter serve the Lord on a mission at this special time of year.

With our love,

President Henry W. Kosak and Sister KosakGermany Berlin Mission

P.S. Germany is known for its excellent chocolate and bakery items. You might consider putting extra money in your missionary’s account as a special Christmas gift. Also, shirts, socks, ties (blouses, stockings, scarves) would be welcomed gift items. Please do not send i-phones or other electronic devices as a gift. The only electronic device allowed is a music mp3 player or simple CD player with no video/internet capabilities. Missionaries are only allowed to read books on the approved missionary book list.

Thank you for helping us maintain the high standards that are set for the missionaries.


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