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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Life has been pretty good this last week.

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Hi guys!

Life has been pretty good this last week.

We continue to meet with our Chinese philosopher named L. He is handful. We have to be pretty quick on the draw in explaining doctrine, because he has his own philosophical system and he does his best to fit what we are saying into that. So really have to get fundamental with him. He agrees that the Book of Mormon comes from God, Joseph Smith was a prophet, different from normal religious reformers like Martin Luther, and that a sincere heart is completely necessary to receive revelation.

But he doesn’t believe God is real.

He is something that exists outside of reality, lives in our hearts, and would cease to exist if we stopped believing in him. He is the sum total of all the ideologies of the world, but is 100% good, powerful, etc.

And the body is the source of all evil.

And meat is bad.

And so forth. So there is a lot to do there, but it is certainly interesting.

Contrast that with another Chinese investigator, R, the one that will be baptized. He asks us what the commandments are because he is so anxious to live them. He prays every night, and tells us he feels himself changing. He prayed at the end of our last lesson, and he thanked God for sending angels to him, meaning us. That was a little tearjerker. It reminds me of a story from LeGrand Richards:

“Now I like a little story that President Grant used to tell about the love that converts have for their missionaries. He told about a couple who came here from one of the Scandinavian countries. They hadn’t been taught much about the gospel. All they knew was that it was true. And so the bishop went to this couple and taught them the law of tithing. They paid their tithing. Then later the bishop went to them and taught them about the fast offering. They paid their fast offering. And then the bishop went to them again to get a donation to help build a ward meetinghouse. They thought that ought to come out of the tithing, but before the bishop got through with them, they paid their donation on the meetinghouse.
Then the bishop went to the father to get his son to go on a mission. Now I can hear President Grant standing here, saying, “That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” The man said, “He’s our only child. His mother will miss him. We can’t let him go.” Then the bishop countered, “Brother So-and-So, who do you love in this world more than anyone else outside of your own relatives?” And he thought for a few minutes. He said, “I guess I love that young man who came up to the land of the midnight sun and taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Then the bishop countered, “Brother So-and-So, how would you like someone to love your boy just like that?” The man said, “Bishop, you win again; take him. I’ll pay for his mission.”

This week we are doing a zone training meeting. I’m really excited. I think it’s gonna be good. Our very first thing we are doing is splitting off and and each taking a district leader and their district and bearing testimony of Christ until they cry. 🙂 I’m getting fired up just thinking about it. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

This week we had MLC. It was Elder Germann’s last one. He was in my Distrikt when I was in Bernburg. We’ve stayed pretty good friends on the mission. He got to give a finisher’s testimony – which is when a missionary who is going home gives his final hoorah, which is usually pretty powerful. He killed it. It was super spiritual. What a way to go out!

I love you guys, and I love my mission too. I’m really excited for the next few weeks. I think they are going to be good.

You have a great week!

Elder Greaves


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