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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Change is hard.

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April 2016 zone

Hey Guys!

This week was pretty good. Elder Weber left, which broke my heart. This transfer was strangely difficult for me to handle. One of the greatest things about a mission is that it allows you to reinvent yourself about every three months, so I’ve felt completely different in every single one of my areas. But I think I’m getting to the point now where I’m starting to get a little frustrated with this pattern – I think that’s probably just healthy though.

Elder Wiersdorf came Wednesday night, he unpacked, and then early Thursday we left for District Meeting. After that we got on a train to Jena – but we didn’t get off. A new convert and his girlfriend (investigator) hopped on, though, and we went to Freiberg to see the temple, do a tour, and say goodbye to Elder Peterson. Elder Weber replaced him here, so our friends knew him. The temple tour was super awesome, and super helpful for the girlfriend, named M. Then, we stayed the night there after taking part in the “finishers” meeting, in which all the missionaries going home bear their testimonies. It was really nice. A lot of my friends were going home. I was especially happy to see Elder Peterson of course, and also Elder Draper, my trainer. I got to meet his family, of whom I’d heard so much about, since we were young missionaries and that’s what we talked about. 🙂 They were really great. I can see where he gets it from.

We woke up extra early to catch a train back to meet with another girlfriend of a member (are you sensing a pattern yet? There’s a reason missionaries were recently asked to focus beyond baptism to the temple 😉 )

She’s awesome. Hard to get in contact with, honestly, but she is super nice. She’s already read the Book of Mormon twice. We talked about reading the Book of Mormon like scripture instead of like a novel, and that really helped her a lot. She is so great. Plus, she wears just about the coolest pair of green suede boots with little ducks on them.

One investigator this week told us he didn’t like the idea of eternal families.

My flabber was beyond ghasted.

I’d like to think I’m mostly prepared for concerns on just about every topic, but I was pretty much blindsided by that one.

Later, though, we had a great lesson with him about the Restoration, and clarified that some more. He is very much prepared, in my opinion. Religion is his passion, and all he really wants to do is to get to know Christ better. He talks all the time about how he dislikes that there are so many churches – why isn’t there just one? He also believes in authority, but looking at the Catholic church, he thinks they’ve lost it. I’m excited to keep teaching him, and he committed to praying about the Book of Mormon before and after reading every day.

He was “disappointed with his progress” when it came to reading. When I hear an investigator say “I can’t believe how slowly I’ve read in the Book of Mormon,” I usually get pumped, because that means they’ve read a lot.

And sure enough, he’s read up to Mosiah 18.

There was also a big ol hullabaloo about a program here. President suggested that they work part of the time in Jena, since there is so much potential there, and now everyone is all stressed. I think it’s a great idea, and they just need to count their blessings. But yeah. Sisters are panicking, District leaders are ticked, Sister leaders are upset, but it’s when the ward finds out then the bacon’ll hit the pan, so to speak.

What? It’s a phrase. But I’m trying to untangle that mess right now. Fun fun fun.

Life’s good. I’m happy. Have a great week!


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