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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Hello Family!

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This week has been insane. I think I suffered at least 3 bouts of burnout. 🙂

It was one of those weeks that you could either be angry about or love it, depending on your perspective.

We had a whopping 13 appointments fall out, which is definitely a record for me.

However, we also had 16 appointments work out, which is also is an amazing outcome.


In other words, we are trying to work with a ridiculous amount of people. It’s been so much fun, but I don’t know how many more people we can work with before we need another companionship here in Jena. That’s a great problem to have!

We went to Berlin Thursday because we had MLC. That was fun, but tiring. It’s a 6 hour meeting.

I’m sorry guys, I have no time today, we  had to use most of p-day to plan our zone training meeting, so I can only write a little more.

We had an awesome surprise this week; Elder Peterson, one of my good friends from the MTC, came and stayed a few nights with us on his way to pick up a trainee. He served in this area too, so we got to meet with a lot of people because they wanted to see him. He goes home in 5 weeks! He has to go early to play football. He’s super awesome. It was cool to see how we both have changed.

A cool new investigator is named A. He is from Nigeria. He is getting his masters in Microbiology. He was found at the street display. He loves asking questions, and he is fascinated by our doctrine. I love it when people like the doctrine, you know, because it doesn’t actually happen that often. Of course, that’s usually why we are in the church, but the church did a study, and most people joined the church because they wanted a new purpose in life and they saw that in the lives of the Mormons they knew.

He is awesome though.

We also taught this super awesome guy named M. He is so logical, I love it. he is super fun to teach, and we use members O and A as joint teaches.

Sorry can’t tell you more, I’m excited to write more next week!

Elder Greaves


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