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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Inspired Sushi and Other Miracles

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Hey guys!

So I told you last week that we were starting WonderWeek, one word, WonderWeek, that day, and it would finish this last Sunday.

It. was. awesome.

So many crazy things, awesome things, and dare I say it, even a few crazy awesome things were experienced.

I’ll start with Monday evening. This is not a miracle at all, but it was somewhat entertaining. Family Home Evening – which is actually a super ironic name because the young single adults go to it and it’s at the church, so if we ever had to hold it in the morning it would be the most contradictory term ever – was over.

Note: The following story may have been slightly embellished.

All of a sudden, I felt horrible zombie breath on the back of my neck. I whip around, and there sways this lifeless, pale form, eyes sightlessly staring right through me. I coolly assessed the situation, right after Elder Weber gave me the Heimlich because I was choking on my bitten off tongue.

“I think he’s drunk,” I coolly and nonchalantly told Elder Weber.

“I can’t understand you when your hyperventilating,” he nervously fidgeted.

Okay, the way he looked was accurate. He was freaky, guys. The most drunk person still standing I have ever seen. I have no idea how he even walked up the stairs to our church. But anyway, our Mormon peeps were pretty freaked out, but the funny thing about being a missionary is you work a lot of the time with the underbelly of society, so this was nothing. We just kinda calmly led him out of the church so he didn’t throw up on the carpets and then asked him if there was anything we could do to help him as the rest of the ward walked away, wondering if they would ever see us whole again.

But anyway, there are way more important stories to tell.

Tuesday, we were on exchanges. We found 3 new people. Elder B and I found a chinese girl named XQ and a German girl named F. We met with them both later in the week and they are both super awesome!

Wednesday we met with a guy who called us and asked to meet. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be meeting with him. He lives in a psych ward in the hospital. He’s really fun to be with though, and we kept him company that afternoon. He even came to church on Sunday!

Thursday we had zone conference.

Friday was great!

We met with a part member family that morning, and the wife is officially an investigator! She’s been coming to church for the last couple months, and I don’t think anyone even knew she wasn’t a member. Then we met with M, a super genius of a refugee. He has his Ph.D in microbiology and is the published author of 2 books on the science of Arabic poetry, and he’s writing his 3rd. We got super in depth about the Atonement, and he’s loving it, and I can’t wait to get O and A, the members from an earlier area I served in, in on that. He’s great, but a tough nut to crack for sure. Then we met with T, a man from Eritrea. He speaks Tigrinya, and there is no language translation to work with him.


to save time, I quote Elder Weber:

Highlight definitely had to be on Saturday night. We were just wrapping up our awesome week, our day hadn’t gone as well as others-mostly due to weekly planning putting a damper on things. We left the church after a fallen out appointment to go to the sausage stand outside of our apartment. It turns out that the stand had already closed so we needed to find something else to eat because we were out of food. We finally settled on sushi, the Vietnamese guy who brought us our food was very excited to be talking to some Americans, he asked us about the super bowl etc. Elder Greaves note: We were basically so focused on our sushi at this point we didn’t really even think about talking to him until later. Then he came back and asked how long we had been in Germany, and I mentioned in passing that we were volunteering for a Christian Church. He became very animated and started talking about how he was Christian, but German considers his baptism in Vietnam invalid. He said he loved Jesus Christ and said it was too bad but he will just have to be rebaptized somehow! Haha we pretty much just had to ask for an appointment. He said well you guys the problem is that this is my last day in the job so we are going to have to exchange numbers if we want to stay in touch! What a blessing to find him on the last day of him working right outside our apartment!

Sunday we finally met with the girlfriend of a new convert. I wish I had more time to elaborate, but I’m out of time.

Just know that this week was so awesome, and I really felt the hand of the Lord in the work. I know this Gospel is true, and God wants His children to be helped.

Elder Greaves

2016-02-11 Leipzig Zone Conference ZoKo2016-02-05 Berlin LTM



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