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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

I hope you’ve had an awesome week!

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Hey guys!  Our week here has been really good! We have a big goal that we sent personally to baptize someone before Christmas. Then the mission also set that as a goal, and then you guys said you were praying for that too, so we decided we better make it happen! 🙂

I personally have been trying to focus on saying really sincere prayers, and asking for very specific blessings.  So this week that’s what I’ve been praying for. Chances are, we need to find somebody either last week or this week or the week after that if we have any chance of baptizing them before Christmas. It’s really made a difference in me as a missionary. I felt like I’ve started working harder and praying harder and having more faith that when I do everything I can, and have righteous desires, the Lord does the rest.

But this week we were also super busy and had very little time to work in our area. . .

Monday with P-day, Tuesday we had to go to Flensburg to do a baptismal interview, Wednesday we had to go to Kiel for a district meeting, and Thursday we were in Hamburg for a leadership training meeting.


The baptismal interview was a super cool experience. The Flensburg sisters have an investigator named M. He actually found out about the church through scouting believe it or not. He was in America for I don’t know how long being an assistant scoutmaster for a troop back in Arizona right around where we lived! He talked about Indian school Road and knew where Litchfield Park was, but I couldn’t quite figure out what ward he went to. But he went to church there several times, and then when he came to Germany, he continued to meet with missionaries. He is so cool! It’s taken him a long time to get here,but he truly understands the Gospel. He said the turning point for him was when he prayed about the book of Mormon, and felt for the first time that it was true. All he could talk about was how baptism was his greatest desire, and how it’s so precious to him that he feels closer to and understands the Savior. Such an amazing guy. We are going to his baptism on Friday.

Thursday was the leadership training meeting. It was pretty fun. It was six hours long though, so I was pretty done at the end. I really like president Fingerle. You can tell he has lots of ideas and really wants to shake things up, but is having a hard time with missionaries that don’t like change. That’s kind of ironic that the missionaries find it difficult to change things like how often we speak German, or how we work with members, but then we expect the people we talk to to completely change their lifestyles, way of thinking, general attitude towards life, probably circle of friends, and give up everything they’ve considered fun up until this point. I’m going to try and support him as much as I can.

time for change

So we got home from that meeting, and basically just walked straight home. Well at least that was the plan, but then some doofus took us in the complete opposite direction like three times in a row.

That doofus was me.

But we ended up finding two investigators, so we’ll just go ahead and chalk that one up to the spirit!

We met with one of them Saturday. I honestly wasn’t super excited to meet with her, because she was a Jehovah’s Witness. I figured we both try to convert each other, and it would end with us walking out, refusing to fight. Well turns out I was completely wrong. She was one of the most open awesome investigators ever! Unfortunately, she doesn’t actually live here – she was only visiting, so we are not able to meet with her in the future. But anything we said that we disagreed on, if we explained it clearly, she had no problem with it. She had a ton of questions and we used a lot of the Bible, and we ended up teaching both the restoration and the plan of salvation, as well as Christ is Jehovah and we have both a body and a spirit. We finished with introducing the Book of Mormon – three hours later. She was so excited, she asked us if she could have the book of Mormon, before we even could offer it! The weird thing is, I actually know for a fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t allowed to read other religious texts. So she was a pretty cool one. I hope it all works out for her.

No, I haven’t gotten my package yet. [mom editorial, because it showed back up on our doorstep].  I also ordered a book online, and that hasn’t arrived yet, so I wondered if maybe I somehow gave you a false address. But no, I checked, it should be fine.


Anyway, I accidentally took out my monthly money from my personal money again. Sorry about that. I will put some back and use the rest for Christmas. I love you guys!

Elder Greaves


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