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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

P.S. I haven’t gotten my package yet

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happy birthday

Hey guys!

This week was pretty okay. Honestly, nothing really report-worthy happened, except for we talked about member missionary work at District meeting and the district was excited to move our focus to that. I hope good things come of it!

On Thursday, we had ward council, and it was really hard. There were just some members that were digging their heels in when it came to anything involving work. And they seemed in some way negative towards the missionaries specifically. Sometimes, we run into problems when we are TOO enthusiastic. There is a culture clash there, because sometimes, Germans feel like you are putting on a show when you are really happy. Which is kind of sad, but I can’t blame them, either. Germans are very honest with their feelings. If they don’t like you, they will tell you. Americans are not like that. At our best, we appreciate everyone. At our worst, we pretend to, and complain about them later. Sometimes Germans are over-sensitive to that. For example, if someone in America asked you how you were doing, you could have just had your leg bitten off my a shark, and you would still probably automatically answer “good.” The German’s typical answer to that question is along the lines of “It’s not unbearable.” Which is probably more realistic…

But anyway.

One of them I had heard great things about, but he seemed really down in the dumps. So we went by the next day, and he is an absolute stud.

And I think he is on our side now. 🙂

Turns out he loves astronomy and Einstein, and he knows just about every apostle personally. Like he was actually really good friends with Elder Faust. He and his wife are awesome, and now they know that we are awesome too!

On Saturday, we got our transfer calls. Elder Weaver has been here a long time, but this next one is his last transfer, so we kind of thought he was staying. But he’s going! I don’t know the area very well yet, but luckily I’m training again, so my new companion doesn’t have to know that. 🙂

That means this next week is going to be spent almost entirely on a train.


Tomorrow I go to Hamburg, then back to Kiel, then Wednesday I go to Freiberg (where the temple is) and on Thursday I get the new guy and head back to Neumünster. Then Friday we can start working… sigh. But I’m excited to train again. It should be really fun.


Sunday is usually my favorite day of the week here, because it is game time! That’s when you can do the most with the members. This week was no exception. It’s just good to get to talk to everyone and build relationships.

I’m doing really well. It’s weird to be getting so old. I’m over 2/3 done with my mission now. The sisters I was in the MTC with, Elder Weaver, and Elder Garrett all go home in six weeks.

I’m just puttering along in my old age, loving my mission!

And sorry, I’ve just been feeling really tired at email time lately, so they’ve been kind of lame.  But I feel awesome!

Love you guys!
Elder Greaves


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