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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

This week was really cool!

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Hey guys!

First off, I missed Frankfurt Oder sooooooo bad it was ridiculous. It was physically painful leaving. But I’m mostly over that now.

Neumünster is really cool! Most missionaries say it’s super ugly, but I kinda dig it.

It’s like an overstuffed flowery grandma couch that looks terrible but you keep it anyway.

ugly couch

The ward is going to be interesting. I really like them. They’ve had a string of a lack of missionary work but things have been getting better recently. I kind of like hearing things like that, because it’s like you know that there are all these blessings that have been put on hold until someone willing to work hard gets there! And we are ready to work!

This last week I met this member named F, who is a 19 year old orphan, baptized into the church a few years ago. Then he was isolated from the church for a while do to his home circumstances, so on his own he read the Book of Mormon, D&C, and Preach my Gospel. He really took the last one to heart. He has referred 2 of his friends in the last 2 weeks. Both came to church on Sunday, and we are meeting with one tonight!

We’ve just been doing our best to find people, but it’s no secret that the secret is member missionary work.

One cool thing I found out about this ward is 25 years ago, Elder Hales was here (not yet as an Apostle) and he got up in the middle of a meeting and said he felt that this ward would someday be an example to the whole stake about how member missionary work should be done, and this stake will be an example to all of Germany. That’s really cool!


I did my best to be really energetic on Sunday to get them pumped for when I work them over for the next 6 months 😉 It seemed to work, and I got to give a little talk on charity.

As for being district leader, it’s not hard. It’s exactly as I expected. Just to clarify, I know sisters can be awesome, but I also know if they aren’t awesome, I can’t help them as easily as Elders. That was the frustration. One companionship actually ROCKS. They were both in the MTC with me. They are doing really well. One of them I didn’t know very well, but it sounds like she is just ridiculously bold, which I think is funny.

But I’m doing well. I’m sorry for the recent influx in spending. All of my clothes kind of got to the breaking point all at once, so I had to buy a few pairs of pants and sweaters (all super cheap though), but then I also had to buy the 100 dollar ticket to get here as well has about 100 dollars in tickets this week alone just to get around (I get that money back eventually) I’m trying harder to budget and at least know where the money is going though. Just so you know.

So everything is going well!

Love you!

Elder Greaves


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