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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

NO time!

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Hey guys! I’ll do my best to write as much as I can, but I really have almost no time for emails today. We have people to say goodbye too, and I’ll probably be up til the wee hours cleaning and packing.

Oh. So I got transferred.

I’m going to Neumünster, which is a somewhat small City (but still my biggest!) in the north, kind of near Denmark!

Look for the yellow marker!

Look for the yellow marker!

I also got called to be a district leader, which is causing me unneeded stress, honestly.  But I’m excited. My new companion’s name is Elder Weaver, and all I know about him is that he’s tall. So that’s good!

I’m feeling fine now, but I was really sick this weekend.

Germans are strangely into eating raw meat on sandwiches.

I had raw salmon the other day (smoked) and it was really good, but on Saturday I ate what was essentially raw bacon and yes, it absolutely killed me. It kind of felt like some little bacon wrestlers were using my intestines as the ropes around their WWE wresting ring, and they were definitely throwing down what I will – in polite society – describe as some wicked wrestling moves.

bacon wrestling

We kicked off the Family history class on Sunday with the members, leaving them all thoroughly confused, which was basically as expected, since middle-aged Germans are so completely inept with computers its embarrassing. We had a woman in her 40’s ask us how to turn off her computer, so that should be a fun little playhouse for Elder Allen in the future! But our plan was just to introduce the idea so they have time to invite their friends over the next 2 weeks to the first class. I think it will go really well. The members are excited. I think I’kll do the same thing in Neumünster when the time is right.

All in all, I’ve really, really sad to leave Frankfurt Oder. It’s the right time, but it hurts, too. Every transfer hurts, but this town is very special to me. I think I’ve learned the most here of any city on my mission. I’ve learned charity, and I’ve come to really love both the members and investigators in a very special way that I think only missionaries and parents can understand, in that this person has become someone you pray for constantly and think about daily and desire more than anything to help. I’m sure it’s more extreme for parents, but it’s an interesting dynamic with complete strangers who are older and more experienced than you are.

I’ve learned to love the scriptures even more, and I’ve come to really appreciate them as the Word of God. I’ve been delighted and astounded to see just how much you can get out of every verse. It is so deeply layered and meaningful, and so completely beyond the capability of any human to reproduce. It’s almost like you can feel the imperfect human language and understanding straining and stretching under the rich immensity of meaning. It really can only be conveyed through the Holy Ghost.

And I’ve come to be extremely comfortable talking to people and being around them.

I’m excited to see what type of missionary I will be in Neumünster – I feel like every area I become a different one with new strengths and weaknesses!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Greaves

New Address is: (also updated on the contact me page)

Elder Caleb Greaves
Geibelstrasse 21
24536 Neumünster


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