elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Hey guys!

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This week has been pretty okay. We had too many fallen out appointments and not enough answered phone calls, but we did everything we could and we helped the people we did meet with. This week I’ve just felt really good. I haven’t done everything right, but I feel like I’m trying, and that feels good. I just really love my mission. I feel like it is going faster and faster, and I can barely keep up. It’s so rewarding and life-changing and testimony-strengthening, and just plain fun.

In response to the whole block party thing, [where we invited the missionaries to have dinner with our neighbors] that’s awesome! I hope those missionaries were trying to convert people instead of just standing there. 🙂  I really don’t understand why we worry about offending people. If you had a favorite flavor of ice cream, would you be afraid to share that with friends? How much better is the Gospel?

As far as how I’m feeling, it’s awesome!  I truly feel so much more creative and happy lately.

Please don’t worry about last week. He is just a normal guy trying to act tough, and he literally knows nothing about our religion. We saw him again, and he was angry, but he didn’t even stop this time. He’s just a goof. And to clarify, I wasn’t purposefully antagonizing him, it was just so easy because he was so ridiculous. Don’t worry.

you tell me not to worry

This week, I’ve just realized how much my testimony has grown. I’ve had few earthquake moments, but just looking back, I can measure the difference in my testimony and it’s amazing.

Deeds make doubts disappear.

When you work, your testimony grows, simple as that. I’m grateful for it.

I love you guys. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Greaves


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