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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Hey guys!

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This week has been… strange.

Minus the weekend, it was probably one of my least favorite weeks on the mission. We were doing so many good things – tons of service, helping members, English classes and district meetings – but the whole week we were just frustrated because there was no time to meet with anyone, no time to find… it just felt like a waste.

Something I think is really great about this companionship is that we love to find. We really enjoy it. We will see the fruits of that willingness. By Friday, it felt like we hadn’t done anything to help anyone use the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

But that all turned around Saturday. We got a referral from one of our members. Come to find out, that whole “member missionary work” thing actually works.

Who knew?

We met them both in a ice cream parlor and had an awesome lesson. D is amazingly spiritual, and she came to church the next day. I really think she has the ability to be baptized this next transfer. She is very ready, and very open. The members, all 10 of them, brought friends to church to start off the Monat der Einladung [Month of Invitation]. This ward is so awesome!

This week, I celebrated my “hump day”, or my half-way mark. So I’ve tried to spend a little time in self-evaluation. Every single day, I am so grateful for my mission. Honestly, I don’t often feel disappointed or let down or sad. I don’t ever feel homesick, or even that distracted. I feel my mission being the absolute focus of my life. I’m so grateful for the changes that it has made in my life. I really see the Gospel as the life-long process of growth that I see it meant to be. I’ve learned how important scriptures can be, I’ve become more sensitive to the Spirit, and I feel my weaknesses falling away when I need to grow to do more.

That being said, I want more success. It’s not that I felt my mission has been unsuccessful, but I do feel that there is a lot left to do, and I think there is more I need to learn and more I need to become, and if I do that, miracles will start to flow.

I just wanted to thank you guys for your help in that process. I’m becoming who I want to become. Actually, I’m becoming who Heavenly Father wants me to be, and I’ve decided that that’s who I want to be, too. Your guidance, your example, has been crucial for that. I am so grateful for that. I’m excited to see you again and continue to learn.

This is President Kosak’s last day in the mission. Really weird. I’m going to miss him a lot. He is so great.

I know it’s all true.

I know Christ is there, I know that he understands us completely. I know that families are forever, and we are with them for a reason. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, as is the Bible. Thank you for helping me know that more strongly. Because I know it, I will follow it, because that’s what faith is.

You are awesome. Thanks for your package. I got it today! Please remember how much you mean to me.

Love Elder Greaves

Thanks to http://www.burlapanddenim.com/2012/10/im-a-mormon-printable/#prettyPhoto/1/ for the free printable!

Thanks to http://www.burlapanddenim.com for the free and awesome printable!


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