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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Week 2 of the transfer

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Hey guys!

As for things I need, I’m fine, except for those shirt thingies.
As for Skype, they are still working out bugs with Ipads, so nothing cool with them yet, including Skype.

This week was a good one. It was Elder Allen’s first full week in the mission field, and it started off a little rough. We were really struggling to find people, and I was sick, etc. I was getting frustrated, honestly, because I hate when you are really giving it your all, being obedient really putting everything on the Lord’s hands, and not only that but you are doing as much has you can skills-wise too, and just nothing is happening.

I felt that we were working as hard as we could physically, and that we were getting very good conversations and getting people the best possible chance they would get on the street to accept the Gospel, and just no one was ready.

And that happens.


“Finding” slumps happen. All the time.

But one goal I set when I started training Elder Allen is to honestly have a lot of success.

I have a testimony that success always comes when you are really giving your all, because the Lord wants it more badly than we even do, so he’ll put his prepared people in your way if you are a prepared missionary.

I just got impatient because I was worried that It would be harder to show that if NOTHING WAS HAPPENING.

But then on Thursday I fasted, and things have started turning around. We found 2 families this week, both awesome, super excited to teach them.

We had another lesson with J from China.  She is really is super cool. She’s getting her MBA, and even though she has exams on Tuesday, she still found time to meet with us. She is really curious, and she is also just really fun to talk to. I love that, when it is easy to become friends with investigators.

I don’t have a ton of time today because Elder Allen and I are going to frolick in the woods, and we need at least 2.5 hours of frolicking or you come up out of your REM (relatively eccentric movement) cycle too early and then your whole day is shot.

Or maybe I’m mixing that up with something else.

But anyway, funny story of the week, two people needed blessings after church, so they asked us to stay, and they were like the longest blessings ever and I was really hungry. And don’t get me wrong, that’s fine, but I started feeling a little dizzy during the first one and then during the second one a little queasy, and then I had to sit down, and then a third member asked for a blessing and I started screaming in my head, and during it I started praying that the man giving it would just not give a long one at all, and then I passed out.

passed out     Overcome by the Spirit, I think, or maybe also having to do with the fact that I was sick earlier that week and skipped breakfast, but that was pretty dramatic and at least a few of the members think my time in this life is coming to an end.

I mean, I couldn’t really have picked a more dramatic moment, except for like bearing my testimony or something. But basically it was just like how it occasionally happened before my mission, so no big deal, drinking water still, I’m not dying.

I love you all, and I can’t wait to get your letters! (especially now I can read them during the week!)

Elder Greaves

Old Postcard showing Frankfurt/Oder

Old Postcard showing Frankfurt/Oder

Autobahn bridge near Frankfurt/Oder

Autobahn bridge near Frankfurt/Oder

Woods near Frankfurt/Oder, for frolicking purposes

Woods near Frankfurt/Oder, for frolicking purposes

Frolicking Woods near Frankfurt/Oder

Frolicking Woods near Frankfurt/Oder


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