elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

This week

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Hey guys! How are you doing? This week has been honestly kinda blah.  Monday was P-day, but we just kept working since we didn’t have time  the rest of the week. Tuesday, I went to Berlin to drop off Elder Casperson, then went back to Frankfurt Oder. Wednesday, I went back to Berlin to pick up Elder Allen, my new companion, then went back to Frankfurt.

05-15 Elders Greaves - Allen

Elder Greaves, Elder Allen, Sister and President Kosak

Thursday, Elder Allen was allowed to sleep in to get over jet lag, and then we had a ton of studies, and that was basically the day. Friday, we went back to Berlin, and then back to Frankfurt to pick up the iPads. So not much got done this week, which is irritating.

05-15 iPad-ZTM B

IPADS! Elder Greaves is on the right, in the middle

This week, we had a really good talk with some members about what they needed. They just told us that they are felling really tired, that it is too much pressure, which was great, because I’ve been getting bored over here with nothing to do, so I’m looking forward to taking some of that. Something I really have only just begun to understand is how we as missionaries also have the responsibility to strengthen the members spiritually, and by doing that, not only will they just be better missionaries, but also, the Lord will see that they and we are ready and capable of handling more growth.

As for training, I think I have been gifted with a very good trainee, so training doesn’t really feel all that much different. You still do things exactly the same, you just have to make sure that you prepare your companion to know how to react. To certain situations before they happen. I’m really excited to go back to the basics and work on improving myself as well.

I’m so impressed with Elder Allen. He is already a great missionary. He’s from Houston, and I dunno, maybe it’s the Southern accent, but he has a talent for getting people to trust him. I think that is so great. He is, of course, worried about his German, but he held about an hour long conversation all by himself with A on Saturday, so I think he is doing great.

This week, we were able to teach J for the first time. She is a college student from China, and she is great! It was Elder Allen’s first ever appointment, and I thought it went really well. We taught her the Restoration, and she is excited to learn more. She was raised atheist, but ever since she started living in Europe, she has been wondering if He is really there. Her friends took her to their churches in France, and she really enjoyed them, and she said lately she somehow been feeling that her belief in God is growing, little by little. Elder Allen told me later he had to stop himself from yelling PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT!!!! It’s a good thing he did, but that’s true. That really is how the Spirit works.

I’m so grateful for my mission and for all the things that I have learned here. I know that I can apply the skills after my mission to continue to improve myself and grow in The Gospel.

Something I’ve learned this week is how important it is to be honest with yourself, truly honest. That doesn’t mean be harder on yourself than others, but just recognize the problems you did have so you can improve. I think at lately, I’ve been a little nervous to put people on baptismal date because of bad experiences in the past, where they got really close but then didn’t make it for whatever reason. This is no excuse! I know that I can help people more if they are committing more, so I need to give them the chance to do that. I think this is one area I need to re-improve on.

Thanks for being awesome!


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