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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany


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Believe it or not, not much has changed since yesterday. However, it was super awesome to get to see you guys, bed head and all! I do feel a little bad. I feel I may have cut it a bit short. I’m sorry about that. I also felt like I talked about myself a lot, and I really wanted to know more about what was going on with you guys! So I’m sorry about that. Also, to answer your question mom, I wasn’t upset at all that someone would use that stuff for a sacrament meeting. I was more surprised than anything! Everything is going great right now. O just texted us and told us that her friend M., the Polish guy, talked to her today about he just felt like he was changing inside. So that is really cool! I really love you guys. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Also, for anyone out there listening:

Member missionary is the ONLY way missionary work should happen! You may not believe this, but back in the old days, I used to be a member too, and yeah, I didn’t often share the Gospel. I didn’t really know that was something you actively do. I just thought you sit and wait until someone tells you they want to come to church or something.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that rarely happens. 🙂

But if you think about all the fears you have: that they will be upset or think you are trying to change them, that you won’t be able to answer their question, that they will think you’re some religious freak (that one is probably true, honestly) or that they will just reject something precious to you – those are all super legitimate fears. Those are real. That happens a lot.

To the full time missionaries. That’s OUR Job! We don’t need you standing on street corners, wearing a sign or a fish costume or something telling people the flood 2.0 is coming!

We want you to be friends with the People, People!

There are two types of conversion: spiritual and social. When missionaries try to do both, that’s when people go inactive.

When members try to both, that’s when members get ulcers.

Don’t worry about that!

You know what is a great missionary situation? You bringing your friend to an activity. Would you say no if your Southern Baptist friend invited you to a barbecue? No, you’d go eat their food, then reject their missionary offer.

Okay, bad example.

But picture this.

You bring your friend to a party. That’s cool. You have dinner on the lawn of the church. No biggie. Here’s where it takes some planning. You have previously calllllled the missionaries and told them Jeffy was going to be sitting right next to you wearing that weird “My peeps” shirt with a picture of those sugared marshmallows on it, that shirt he thinks is hilarious, but you think is secretly dumb but also kinda like because Jeffy is your best friend. They walk up, looking all spiffy. One of them (the goofy looking one) says

“Oh hey, I’m new here. I don’t recognize you. What was your Name again?”

Jeffy half-smiles, glances over at you, and says

“I’m Jeffy, and the reason you don’t recognize me is I’m not a member!”

You hope at this point Jeffy doesn’t notice the gleam in the missionaries’ eyes. They sit down and start chatting, explaining what they are doing here, that one’s from California, the other is from Idaho, yes, it’s funny he got sent somewhere else in Idaho, yadayadayada. Then they ask as casually as they can –

“Hey, if you want, we could meet up sometime and talk a little about our church. It helped me to come closer and it could help you!”

You freeze, Crystal Lite half-way to your lips.

“Uh…” he says, looking over at you.

“It’s up to you,” you say calmly. “We could do it at my house, since yours is so gross all the time, ya filthy animal!”

He laughs, says:

“Well, how can I refuse an offer like that?”, and away we go!

Oooorrrrr rewind for scenario #2.

“Uh…” he says, looking over at you.

“It’s up to you,” you say calmly. “We could do it at my house, since yours is so gross all the time, ya filthy animal!”

He laughs, says,

” Yeah, I’m really not interested right now. I’m pretty happy with my church. But thanks!”

The missionaries thank him, wish him a good time, and then leave. He glances over at you, and asks

“What was that all about?”

“Eh. It’s their Job. They’re good kids. Funny looking though. That one on the right’s tie? Amirite?”

“Psshh. that was nothing to the other sack’s hair cut. it was impossibly bad. What did they use, a weed wacker? Or a beaver?”

. . . and you spend the rest of the night making fun of missionaries.

That’s cool, we’re getting transferred. You win either way!

Here’s a member missionary idea that I personally have really seen change people’s hearts: Invite your friends to a Family Home Evening. Think about what it is: A night at home to strengthen your family. What a better way to simultaneously build a better friendship and share the Gospel! The real trick is to invite the missionaries over to give the lesson.


Got ’em.
Have fun Kids.

Love, Elder Greaves



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