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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany


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Hey guys!

I’m super tired right now, so sorry if this email isn’t so energetic, but it’s been a decent week. Nothing crazy cool, but we were able to recontact a lot of old investigators that still want to meet. I’m starting to get the hang of Frankfurt Oder and we are figuring out how to work with these wacky investigators I already love so much.

This last week we were able to meet with M and A twice. He’s kind of like a cross between Russ and Grandpa. The challenge is he grew up in the DDR [East Germany] and has absolutely zero background with religion at all. He honestly barely gets who Jesus is, let alone can understand why we need to be baptized or have priesthood or a prophet.

I love that! It’s so much fun to teach him.

On Monday, we had Family Home Evening with the H family and them. Präsident H had zero background in the church as well when the missionaries visited them. He shared his conversion story, which was really cool. His wife already knew it was true and was just waiting for him. He finally decided to find out once and for all if it was all true or not. Their missionaries told all the other missionaries who had ever taught him over a 2 year period, who contacted all of their friends and family, and all over the world on a certain day everyone fasted, and at the same time they all prayed for him as he knelt with his wife and asked if it was all true. And he found out it was! Pretty neat! Now, that’s against the missionary rules, but at the time it was cool.

Then on Thursday we met with him again. It is always really hard to have a solid lesson, because the pattern is they feed us at least one meal, we do some service, etc, lots of big time things, and one way or another we just run out of time every time. But we were determined to actually teach him this time, and told him that. It didn’t look good, because he had to leave earlier than expected. We had to help him plant trees, which we did in approximately 10 seconds. It actually immediately started to rain, so we ran inside, when he jokingly said exactly what I was thinking

“I think someone up there wants us to talk about the Gospel!”

As soon as we got inside, the rain stopped. He laughed and said,

“Well, we’re here now! Go for it.”

So we started teaching the Plan of Salvation. Thirty minutes later, we had taught basically there was a pre-earth life and Jesus Christ is a person, which was about all he could handle. By the end, he wiped his brow and said

“Dang, this is real WORK!”

Only in German.

He’s great. We’ll get him wet soon.  🙂

We also met with Frau L, who comes from Romania. She’s a referral from Missionary Machine Manfred. He was there for the lesson. She, too, had a hard time understanding, but we worked through the Restoration. Her friend was there randomly, and before I could say anything, Manfred piped up

“Wanna come to church?”

You can’t stop him, you just join him or get out of his way. We are meeting with her now too.

He is a convert of 5, almost 6 years. He has a calling as a ward missionary. Whenever he talks about our Joint teaches, he always says “We three missionaries”. I love that.

As for Skyping this week, we will email on Friday about it, but it will definitely be on Sunday, and will be Skype.

I didn’t get the chips and salsa package, and also I didn’t get the other package. One of them made it, but my name wasn’t on the mailbox so they didn’t leave it. It says it was shipped back to sender, but I don’t know which one it was. There has only been one. As for foods I miss, definitely Reese’s. They have nothing like it here.

That’s it for this week. I’ll email you super shortly on Friday, and then we’ll talk on Sunday! I love you!


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