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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Weird Week.

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Mission Organization April 2015

District Erfurt of the Germany Frankfurt Mission was dissolved and is now included in the Stake Leipzig of the Germany Berlin Mission.

First off, I was totally not planning on you guys buying me clothes or anything. I thought you were just curious! As for the little Bible, our new iPads will probably get here first, so it is a good thing you didn’t order that actually. We were already planning on going to Berlin for clothes-purchasing purposes anyway.

So once a transfer, you go on exchanges with your district leader so you can both learn from each other, etc. They last about 24 hours.

Except for this one.

Since both of our areas have been doing extremely well, we were both jam-packed with appointments. The only way we could make it work is by exchanging Tuesday night, and then exchanging back early Thursday morning. It is very unusual to have a two night exchange. What is more unusual is that the German train company goes on strike, and you can’t get back to Berlin, so you’re actually together for three days.  🙂

My district leader’s Name is Elder L. He is 1 transfer younger than me, but is going home with me, so we are on he same schedule basically. He got 4-5 baptisms in Postdam, a very large area. When he gets another baptism this week, he will have baptized more than any other missionary here in the mission. Pretty cool! He is a good Elder. it was a fun exchange. I’m excited to keep working with him in the future.

That made the week feel all funky though. On Friday, we had a big meeting to learn about the iPads and what we can do with them. The church has quite a few programs with them. Two members of the Seventy came to talk about it. One of my favorite quotes is this:

“The first Presidency has decided that Satan will not control the Internet.”

Entire mission in attendance!

Entire mission in attendance!

I’m actually really surprised with how much freedom they are giving the missionaries with them. They are basically completely turning over the prgram to us. We have autonomy to think of how to best find and teach people with them. We will all use Facebook, we can have a blog if we choose, and we can teach people all over the world with Skype. A few things with that.

1. Mom, could you look into the Blogs missionaries are making on their Mission? i was interested in Blogging after my Mission already, so that would be something I would enjoy, but I’m not going to waste missionary time just posting what I learned in personal study every day when I can already do that on Facebook. It has to obviously testify of the Savior and it can’t be a journal or travelogue, but if I can think of something creative that could reach non-members, I’ll do it.

2. With permission from Pres. Kosak, we can teach friends and family if need be. So obviously, I couldn’t teach you guys, but if you can think of someone what we know that would like to learn, that would be great! This wouldn’t be just chatting time, I would leave him/her with commitments, so they would have to know that. but I’ve felt my whole mission I should do the best I can to teach those that I already know. Or maybe the best would be to do a combo of me skyping them and local missionaries stopping by. It would be so great.

The whole Mission was at that conference, so I got to talk to every single one of my former companions. It was so much fun. Elder Garrett and I could’ve talked for hours. he let me know a lot of dirt that was going down in Lauenburg, so that was fun. And also sad, because I few People I care about are really hurting right now.

This last week, it was pretty difficult to meet with my favorite investigators, but we were able to make out a lot of appointments for this week. For example, I think I told you about Matt. He is 50 or so, dating an inactive member, and is a member of the German FBI. He is the manliest man ever. His voice is like Zeus’s. He has developed a relationship with the missionaries to such an extent, that when that whole death threat thing happened, he acted as their body guard for 6 weeks straight when they went shopping. He is, however, difficult to teach. Literally, as in we just don’t teach anything when we are there because he has so much to do, or his family is running around, or he has friends over.

But Elder Garrett gave me the idea of having family home evening with them and another member family, in which there was a built in lesson time. We set that up and a lesson on Thursday, so we have a chance of really getting him back on track. I also would like to get him to a few upcoming baptisms so he can see what they would be like.

We taught this Muslim guy named AD, (names changed) who had previously read the bible and book of Mormon, and is very smart. He has lots of questions abut Jesus Christ, and it is a lot of fun to teach him. I like the deep questions, the logical thinkers. He is an economist, and he has a philosophy professor and a 5 star chef as roommates, which is pretty unusual considering they live in the Auslander heim (where all the refugees live). He’s great.

We met this Muslim the other day who walked up to us and said he wanted to become Christian. We were able to guess then that he was Iranian. They have seen the most extreme forms of Islam, and many get very disillusioned. I was honestly pretty skeptical, because sometimes, Muslims seemingly just want to get baptized for a better visa (it would be dangerous to go back, so Germany supports them) Our first lesson, he had read over half the Book of Mormon and summarized 1 and 2 Nephi in 15 minutes. He came to church with us Sunday. He got transferred, sadly, so it is up to other missionaries now. The worst part is he is about 90 minutes away from the nearest church. I really hope things work out for him, because he LOVED church and the Book of Mormon. He is such a cool guy.

Anyway, I love all of you. Have a good week!

Elder Greaves

with Elder Gallacher


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