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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

I feel kinda sleepy right now

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February 2015 Mission Map

Before I forget, I meant to say it last week, but please wish Grandpa Gerald a happy birthday for me. And I can’t remember if Kyle’s is this week or next week. I think next week. But if it is this week, please
tell him happy birthday too.

A miracle happened this week. Mom and Dad, you were praying for it, maybe even fasted a little, and it finally happened . . .

I bought a camera. True story. Bought it at a pawn shop for 50 Euro.


This week has been really cool. Every Monday, we do service at an retirement home. It is way, way fun. So normally, that means we sweep and mop and clean windows. All the German ladies that work there were a little freaked out about us at first, but now they absolutely love us. They found out we are doing it on our day off, and they freaked out. Now every week, we sweep and mop for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours, and then they feed us cake and tell us how great we are. It’s pretty great service. And this old lady saw us washing windows and asked if we would wash her windows in exchange for breakfast. Heck yeah!

The internet connection is super horrible right now, and another computer crashed already, so sorry this is so short.

Friday was a “fun” day. We woke up and took John to the hospital because he is getting surgery on his hand for this weird bump thing we call “Little John”. It was just a prep meeting, but we were there for hours. We got to see the solar eclipse through an x-ray sheet, so that was cool. Then we went home and had lunch. After that, we helped Schw. Mann with her move – with John. Then we walked back to the church and made popcorn and watched The Testaments with John, to celebrate him finishing the Book of Mormon. And we both made fun of Elder Riddle
getting trunky and wanting a wife during the romance parts.  So that was John-filled day.

Sunday, I came down from 2nd hour to go to Priesthood, and there was a nonmember in the chapel. Turns out, he was looking for the email info of the missionary that BAPTIZED him! He was baptized 13 years ago, but was never confirmed, which at this point probably means he would have to be re-baptized. He’s had a really hard life. He’s 32,
and already two of his children died. He said for years, he just hated God and everything else. Then one day, he woke up, and said “I can’t really describe it, but it was like Love, or Hope, or Joy, and it was weird but I didn’t hate anymore, I was just filled with love.” That was 2-3 months ago. he told God he would come to church on this day,
and he did. I’m excited to work with him. He looks pretty rough, and it sounds like he’s fallen really far, but I’ve already felt the Spirit confirm to me that he is honestly looking to come back, and he wants to change. We meet with him on Tuesday.

So I love you guys. I have no more time!

I love my mission!

Elder Greaves


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