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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Pretty good week

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15-03 ZTM L March 2015

Hey guys!

Last week was kind of a cliff hanger with the Petro’s. This week, we kinda found out what happened. We called again Tuesday, and again they didn’t answer, which meant Elder Riddle and I ran around the apartment covered in blankets moaning


So we went by Wednesday, realllly scared.

And we rang, and they let us in.


But they were kinda closed off. We have a great relationship with this family. They feed us lunch, we play with their kids and make funny faces at them when the parents aren’t looking. But they were kinda quiet. Pretty soon, it came out that his brother is a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness, and may have fed him a few half truths (in sincerity, but still). So we were able to answer a few questions.

Then they gave me heart attack, because they showed us these papers that said Bo Petro had to be deported. But then I was resuscitated when they explained that there was paperwork confusion when their newborn, Bo Jr., was born, and he was in Hamburg all weekend figuring that out.


Then, right when we tried to set baptismal date: The sequel, they told us that they did have to go back to Serbia on March 17. BUMMER. I’ve just been trying to figure out if I should pray for them to stay or not. I believe they could stay if we told them to pray for it. But I don’t know if that is best for them. So anyway, we are at the very least trying to prepare them for an easy hand off. They can still get baptized.

Another exciting thing that happened is that we taught the lesson of chastity to 79 year old Herr Mark.

And brought a female joint teach.

Really STUPID decision.dumb


As a missionary, it’s pretty straightforward. I never have been embarrassed teaching this lesson. It’s all true. But you have to be specific. You gotta give them the details, draw the lines. So usually a lesson on chastity looks like this. Try not to blush, but it needs to be talked about!

The Lord gives us commandments to keep us happy.

The law of chastity:
1. Sex is for a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage. The rest of these are ways to respect that sacred relationship.
2. No adultery.
3. No homosexual relationships.
4. No pornography.
5. No masturbation.
6. Have clean thoughts.

Do that, and you will feel the Spirit more and have a stronger family. If you have problems, that’s why we have the Atonement.

Will you follow the law of Chastity?

Any questions?

It’s really not that bad. But man. I felt bad for the joint teach.

Anyway. We’ll fix that. He’ll still get baptized. 🙂

An Elder T. who served here 2.5 years ago came back to visit and followed us around for 6 hours. He might miss his mission a little. But I learned a lot from him. He is a really great guy. I was thinking about how much I’ve changed on my mission. I used to be so terrified of being alone with anyone, with having to make conversation by myself. But I talked to this guy I’ve never met before and didn’t know was coming for 6 hours and it was way fun. It was actually enjoyable. I didn’t think about being stressed until later. I realized that part of me that found it hard to talk to people is gone, at least for now. I really enjoy talking to people.

On Sunday, we had what I like to call SUUUUPER SUNDAY. We had 5 investigators at church! That was like 20% of the ward!

It was a real bummer though, because the 3 investigators who most needed to come to church didn’t. The Petro’s weren’t there


And also this african woman named Olee.  John gets people excited about baptisms, because he just so cool. Olee is really cool too, so we’ll be following up.

But at church, we had this Albanian family. I was in charge of helping their children, ages 4 and 2.

Oh man. I am scared to be a dad.

I did figure out that I could do the whole “don’t you dare be quiet and still. I would hate that.” And then crazy 4 year old Dav would do the opposite.

But the ward of course just loved the kids, even if they were wiggly. They were getting candy and toys and hugs and anything to keep them quiet. This older lady gave them super sour candy, which was the funniest thing ever. The mom and I were both in tears laughing as they would eat one, pucker up and get real quiet, and then reach for another one in hopes that that one was real candy this time. So cute.

But I was tired. I don’t know how the mom felt, and I can’t really imagine.

To finish off, I just want to let you know how much I LOVE missionary work. I love being on a mission, but I love the actual work part of it too. It’s like a hobby now. When I get home, I’m going to be a terror for the missionaries in my ward. I’ll be all up in their grills all the time. (WHAT’S YOUR TEACHING POOL? WHY HAVEN’T THEY COME TO CHURCH YET? HAVE YOU INVITED THEM TO BE BAPTIZED???? WHY AREN’T YOU FINDING MORE? LET’S GO STREET CONTACTING. I’M GOING TO EVERY JOINT TEACH. EVERY ONE. NO I DIDN’T ASK YOU WHAT YOU WANTED.) And on and on. But I really love it. The actual finding, the teaching, the awkward moments, the funny times, the strange people, it is all so great. I love serving the Lord, I love improving myself, and above all, I love seeing the change start happening in people, where they start to realize it’s all true, when they find it easier and easier to come to church, when they read their scriptures every day and understand more and more. I love it all. I’m so grateful for what my mission has done for me so far, and for what I’ve been able to see the Lord do through my companion and I for others. I love it.

Thank you for being so awesome.

Elder Greaves


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