elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

This week… was not the best.

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Oh geez. Mom has a lot of questions. No, I’ve done basically nothing asked, but not from lack of trying. I took 2 trips to Magdeburg, and even dragged my 15 minute old companion to ZARA, temple of the skinny people, where I found what was just the most gorgeous coat I have ever seen in any time in my life, and I had a hankering, let me tell you. It was not in my size. It was the 200 Euro one I talked about, but now it was 80, so I asked if I could find it online. They told me I could, and… it was of course not there. So… I have no coat, just a dream to keep me warm.

And also my ugly coat.

This ZARA coat was camel, beige, tan, whatever you want to call it, over the thigh, single breasted overcoat, so if you could possibly ever see that pop up on their website, order it immediately. I am in love. But I am also too skinny for most places still.

This week was difficult. I felt like we worked as hard as we could, but things just slid backwards this week. In the past 4 weeks, I believe I’ve had around 30 fallen out appointments, the majority of them 1st appointments. At first I thought maybe it was finding technique, but we’ve tried giving them cards with the appointment on it, calling, coming early, stopping by at a different time, praying, everything. But eventually it just comes down to people’s agency. Really though, it is kind of amazing how the Lord will support you. There’s no doubt, seeing that over and over can get really really frustrating, but I’ve felt supported. I know the Lord is watching out for us, and I really haven’t felt that discouraged.

Anyway, this week was more of the same. We actually had a couple 1st appointments, but then the 2nd ones fell out. We are trying hard to recontact those investigators, especially since they were both families. We don’t know what happened to make the 2nd apps fall out. Maybe just faulty communication.

We met with Shar [a Muslim investigator?] a lot this week. (We found out just now that we can’t teach him anymore.) He was well on his way to baptism. He literally begs us to baptize him, but we completely understand that if it isn’t safe for him and it could even slow the progress of the Church, then we can’t do it. I can definitely respect that. I know that God isn’t dumb. Shar won’t be punished for not getting baptized, as long as he was unable to do so. I do hope for his sake that he will eventually get a long term visa somewhere in Europe and then get baptized. I will try my best to keep in contact with him through email and help him find missionaries… but we’ll see.

On Sunday, we actually found an inactive person on the street. He was not on our records. He was so awesome! He loved his baptism, but just kind of fell away. He gave us a difficult address to find, however, so we are praying we can find him. He might be a good source of referrals as well.

Elder Riddle and I are getting along well, and working very well together. He is one of my favorite companions so far.

I’m getting really annoyed with NOT having anyone on baptismal date, so I want to change that very very quickly. It’s less exciting.

And also, like, souls and stuff. 🙂

I love you! Hope you have a great week!


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