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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

No time at all!

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I’m already over time. Because I’m getting transferred, I have a lot to do! I’m getting sent to the glorious, bustling city of Bernburg.


Just kidding, there’s like 10,000 people total. At first, I was a little upset. I really wanted to stay, not the least of which because there could conceivably be 3 baptisms this next transfer. But Elder Garrett is just like me and would do all the things I would do, so Lauenburg will be great. But it will always be important to me. Plus, Bernburg was super unknown, and it was like the boring city in boring zone in boring part of Germany, but then Elder Lee from my district told me it had a bear pit.

So I’m good.

But also, it is super tiny, in East Germany, with a super, super old ward of 20 people, with an 80 year old ward mission leader who used to be a German mission president, and no one has had success in years!!! That’s what I’m talking about! Plus my companion is newer than I am.


Really, I’m super excited, and have lots of pictures next week.

So here’s what I wrote President this week.


Hello President!

This week has been a very productive week in some ways. I don’t feel like we wasted any time. We only found 3 people, and we had a goal for 5. In that way, we didn’t do as well as we would have liked. But starting with Monday…

Monday: We had a lesson with Arnold., a less active that we finally got back to church and is starting to get active again. He recently set a goal to prepare for the temple. He is now quitting smoking.

Tuesday: Tuesday Elder Garrett was “sick”. Just kidding. But he really didn’t feel well. He slept for a few hours, which was the BEST THING EVER. I finally got to write in my journal, and a scrubbed and organized all the cupboards. I also scrubbed down the entire bathroom, and I think now it may be the cleanest elder apartment ever to grace this mission. Then Elder Garrett got really bored with being sick and dragged himself all over town talking to people, even though he really just felt crummy. He’s a hard worker.

Wednesday: I woke up at 6, (we do that most every day to clean or organize bookshelves or write in journals… just to stay on top of it all), and started to clean out the very last disorganized thing, a closet of left over elders’ unwanteds that had been slowly and menacingly accumulating for years. Of course, it was at that moment, as all the stuff was spread across the entire apartment, that Elder and Sister C. knocked on our door. We were told by the office they were coming Thursday. It took a little work to convince them we were not actually gigantic slobs, but after they saw that I had actually cleaned the range hood grate the day before, they forgave us and figured it really was just a misunderstanding. Then we had a quick lesson with an AWESOME investigator named Franz, but he was really stressed from work and had stopped progressing. Hopefully he is better next week. We then tausched with the Bergedorf elders, and I was off to Bergedorf. I was on a roll already, so I organized their apartment too. It was obvious that Elder S. had been having problems with obedience, really with sleeping, and was pretty down about it. Elder Garrett had said something interesting to me – that he was so cunfused last time he was on tausch. Elder S. seemed to be working so hard to stay on top of things and stay awake, but he didn’t seem to be able to do it. So we decided I should get to the bottom of it.

Psssh. Wasn’t even hard. Turns out Elder S. had a problem with this his whole life. His father and grandfather suffered from…


sleep apnea.

Put that together with his awful snoring, stuffy nose, and the fact that Elder L. had noticed how he moved in his sleep too much, and now we have a pretty good guess as to why Elder S. has this problem. He’s literally sleep deprived. He was pretty scared he might get sent home or something dumb like that, or that you would be mad at him for making excuses, but I assured him you would see this as a problem to be solved, and would understand that he really has been trying. I told him that you cared about him, and would never jump to conclusions about the source of the problem stemming from lack of of desire. He is excited now to get to the bottom of it, once I told him it would help him be a better missionary. It’s sad it’s taken a year for this to come out, but I think he can have an even better second half.

Thursday: This was the rest of the tausch. We went finding. It was TERRIBLE. I HATE doing purposeless doors. I need a reason, like a referral in the area. Then dooring is awesome.

Friday: Lüneburg day! Best day of the week. This was like the first time ever that we didn’t find someone in Lüneburg, but we worked more effectively than ever, and as hard as we could. We felt tired and happy when we got home.

Saturday: Scared out of my mind for transfers. I really wanted to stay in Lauenburg, because Elder Garrett and I have been able to work together so effectively from the very beginning of the transfer, and we have 4-5 super solid baptismal candidates for the next transfer. So I was sad when I got called to Bernburg. At first, everyone I asked had never even heard of it, and it seemed like it was going to be a super average, super boring area. Then Elder Lee told me (and I found out from my new companion) that it was one tiny town, one tiny ward, and awesome former mission president GML, a teaching pool of 8, and a companion even younger than I was. Then I got excited. I wanted hard areas, and it sounds like I’ve got one. I know that Elder Pilling and I can get some serious success there.

Sunday: We stopped by people in the deep deep south. Of our area. Because we had the kilometers for once.

I’m gonna miss Elder Garrett, and I learned a lot from him, but I’m excited to go on to bigger and better (or more like smaller and equally as good) things. We’ll see each other around, and we have secret plans to be companions in Magdeburg or Neubrandenburg anyway. But that manipulation will come later. 🙂

Thanks for your service,

Elder Greaves


Love you all! See ya next week, from Bernburg!

Here’s a link to learn about Bernburg-  http://www.mygermancity.com/bernburg


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