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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany


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No seriously, this week has been crazy. Elder Draper is now in Hof, land of the Lederhosen, which I’ve come to find out is recognized as almost definitely the hardest area of the mission. Poor kid, he was excited to leave here because it was so hard.

karte-Hof toddler-lederhosen-boy-costume

But the whole problem, solution, source of all this craziness is my new companion, Elder Garrett.


It’s like hearing me talk when he does. We have the same sense of humor. The same political views. The two skinniest pairs of arms in the mission. We are the same height. Both played baritone. Teach lessons in exactly the same way different from everyone else. Are the same amount of crazy emotional and logical. Love to study and plan, want to be so organized but aren’t, focus on working with members, change voices for the different characters inside of our heads, use sarcasm like a comfort blanket, talk too much, talk too little, hate to run except when it is fun, want to be ultra-successful, like wearing sweaters, eat the same foods, don’t like bare feet, feel the need to have blankets,


Tuesday: Pick him up from train station. Go home. Work. Nothing happens, except he freaks me out with his confidence.

Wednesday: World explodes.

It’s district meeting day: Not much time to work. We go to a little town, where we contact and street find for 4 hours straight. No success. Totally used to it. New Comp freaking out, because he is used to being ultra successful. Call member who was late to pick us up for joint teach. Actually, we were an hour early. Looked stupid, felt stupid. Good first ward contact for Elder Garrett. We have 45 minutes, so we go get dinner at a chicken truck. It was really far away and not super good looking, but we were strangely both insistent that we had to walk past all the other options to go get chicken. And then we found out why.  HE GAVE US FREE CHICKEN!

Oh. Also he read our nametags, got out of the truck to read them better, and asked us about or church. Taught him about BOM. Five minutes later this fry cook with earrings and scary beard face was hugging the BOM to his chest and telling us to come meet with him next week. So found an investigator named, at least in my mind, the chicken truck man.

Then we had the joint teach with (name changed) Dee, the investigator that has come to church every week for 18 months, but she wasn’t married and blah blah blah, no one has ever baptized her, which was super annoying to the ward, because they love her. But set up a date (we had previously set up a date to set up the date, so not a surprise). Then we missed our train stop on the way home, and basically died laughing. We got off in Boizenburg, 15 minutes from Lauenburg. There we were basically assaulted by the nicest only Ukrainian speaking Ukrainian family ever, who we helped find a taxi to reach political asylum. Which means we missed our bus. So we had to wake the Bishop up to come pick us up. So a good first day for Elder Garrett with the members. Then we got home at 11. We are supposed to be home at 9. That was DAY ONE.

And it just hasn’t stopped. The next day we found someone else, but only after we had contacted everyone we knew and no one ever had interest. And we had again given up on the idea of finding someone that day. Then she had a 7 person family.

Then the next day we helped an older family move in. They told us it would take “less than an hour, because we are bringing all of our friends.” All their friends were over 70. We literally did everything. Me and Elder Garrett (who is as skinny as me) had to carry a full on organ up a flight of twisting stairs. In Europe. Where stairs are ladders. And of course the fridge went in the cellar.

Then we had another move the other day. And we found someone else, someone Elder Draper and I have tried to contact probably 3 times and has never answered. And through it all, joints teaches were falling out and into place, investigators were disappearing and talking about how they wanted to come to church, and everything was weird. Of course, I don’t have a lot of time, but just know it was crazy and so so so fun. Things are changing here!

This week, the investigator I want to talk about is (name changed) Nannita.

She is from Brazil, speaks Spanish and Portuguese and enough English to understand us. She had a Mormon best friend in Brazil, and the missionaries started to meet with her there, but then she moved here, where she was found dooring.

“Oh good. I left my Book of Mormon in Brazil” is not the normal response when someone opens the door!

But now, she and her family lives right below the only Spanish speaking Mormon family in our area, and her husband works with the father of that family, and her son is friends with a kid in our ward. I think the Lord wants her baptized. We haven’t been able to meet with her a lot because she is often traveling with her family before they go back to South America, but she is so sweet, and we want to commit her to baptism the next time we can make a lesson.
Anyway, I love you all so much, and it’s when you give it your all and you’re done that the Lord blesses you.

Elder Greaves

10-14 ZTM Hamburg


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