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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Literally only have 10 minutes

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So it got cold all of a sudden, and I have to buy a coat today, so I only have 10 minutes today.

But hey.You should be used to that by now!

Next week, I’ll have my letters planned out so all I have to do is transcribe. But anyway, a sehr schnell [very fast] low down.

Elder Draper is getting transferred to literally the farthest area away from this area possible, in the southernmost, smallest area, smallest branch area that speaks Bayrisch, a completely different dialect that he won’t be able to understand at all.

And, he is training. You don’t usually train without already being in an area, but they must have seen how awesome I turned out.

Anyway, this last week has been awesome with Elder Draper. He is seriously one of my best friends, and I am sure going to miss him a lot. I’m staying here, which is darn good. I want to to be here until the end of the year, but I don’t get much say! My new companion’s name is Elder Garrett, he’s been put for a little less than a year, he just finished training someone in my MTC class, and he will be a district leader here. Don’t know anything else about him, but I’ll meet him tomorrow!

I’ve been wanting to tell you about my investigators and such for a very long time, so I will just quickly talk about a few. Or one. Most everyone on our list that is extra-prepared came through referrals. Not from the ward, but from media referrals. That’s really cool, since we received 5 total, which is exactly 5 more than have been received here in like 3 years. Seriously. Just goes to show that the Lord takes care of you, especially when you are both new and have no idea what you’re doing! 🙂

Nadine: 20 years old, called the mission office and said, quote “I want to meet with the missionaries. Send them to me.”

Now that’s cool.

It is really fun to be able to meet with someone so young and excited, since that is basically the exact opposite of the general population. We have taught her the restoration and the first half of Plan of Salvation.

I don’t think I’ve told you, but Lauenburg, or “Town of Lauens”, has a very special meaning. Lauen means lukewarm. I’m serving my mission in Lukewarm town, Duetschland. Ouch.

Anyway, 30 seconds left. I love you guys so much, thanks for everything, I had an awesome birthday, I loved the book so so much and have already used it.

Elder Greaves

10-14 ZTM Hamburg


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