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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

I don’t know how I feel about this week.

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Message received about the birthday gifts.  And as for me and Elder Draper, we are getting along very very very well. It took longer to crack him than it ever usually takes for me, but we got there. And he has really really opened up, with just being more relaxed and also wanting to talk about things that matter to him. I love you so much, and I was glad to be able to watch at least some of General Conference at the same time as you guys. Most of it was during the middle of the night, so we watched it the next morning, but Sunday morning was live at 18.00 Uhr here.  Interesting, because right before it started, Elder Draper and I were talking about how our families were still probably waking up and watching it at the same time. Anyway. I love ya.
I really liked Lynn G. Robbins. I laughed when he said, “When the church changes its policies with the world – That’s apostasy.” I think I might hang a picture on my ceiling. He had a stare like no other. If his kids came home after curfew, they probably started punishing themselves.
Lynn G. Robbins


Look at that face. Freaks me out, man.

Yes. I love that J-dub story [from your mission]! (That’s they are called here.) Most missionaries try to avoid them, but not me.


They teach very contentiously (in my admittedly limited experience) and they make it really hard for us to talk to or even serve anyone, because they are more established here and have basically knocked on every door already. One missionary got a couple thrown in jail overnight for proselyting without legal permission – which we actually have.

I think that is really awful.

They aren’t allowed to talk to people here, but they try to talk to the missionaries because we will probably talk to them. I’m totally cool with that, because I’m gonna convert one of those guys. A few missionaries have said not to try, becuase there’s no point, and they are just trying to Bible bash.

I think the fear of Bible bashing has crippled missionary work. Scriptures are not and should never be used as a weapon against sincere belief and faith in Jesus Christ, however unfounded. The Jehovah’s Witnesses I’ve met with do that. But they should be recognized as one of the cornerstones of our religion, because they are the revelations of ancient prophets, many of which our written for our day.

I think of the story of Zeezrom – his whole goal was to undermine and ruin the missionary work of Alma and Amulek. But they taught by the Spirit, and as a result, Zeezrom was converted. That’s awesome. And that’s why I think you did exactly right in just sharing your testimony. That’s all you need, because it brings the Spirit. But if they try to say, as one did to me, that we do not follow or believe in the Bible, or more exactly their misguided translation, shoot. They’re asking for it. 🙂

So look up this talk by Jeffrey R. Holland, his first, written in 1983, about fathers and sons.

One of my personal favorites, because it reminds me of you. Oh and that tube [of your missionary posters]? I’ve hung that picture up in my room for years to always remember I’m going on a mission like you, took to college, took it on my mission, so I haven’t seen that tube in a while.

Anyway. I don’t have any time left, and I love you guys so much. Have an awesome week, and you should know that I basically attacked a 4 foot tall grass-and-vine patch with a little lawnmower and scissors this week – I call it service finding. Haha we’ll see if it works. I love you guys, sorry I had no time today for some reason.

Elder Greaves

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