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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

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First, responses:

So you saw Lauenburg huh? There is one neighborhood right here in Lauenburg where we see about 30 cats in an hour. Super creepy. As for my testimony growing, it’s kinda interesting. I’m a natural doubter.

I’m not one who’s like “hey we caught a bus! MIRACLE!”

I’m more like, “I’m sweaty”.

But that is what is great about the Holy Ghost. If you feel it, and you keep feeling it every time you watch a Mormon Message or read the Book of Mormon, you can’t really doubt anymore.

At the same time, I seem to be developing more into a Bruder H. kind of person than I thought I would be. He was one of my teachers who I really really liked, and was very successful on his mission, but not many of my fellow missionaries liked him. He’s REALLY bold. And it was hard to get used to. But I think there is something to be learned from him. He never let people get away with anything ever. He knew what was right and he was never going to let himself be complacent. And I really like that attitude.

Try something different for BOM study. Try reading it cover to cover and mark every single verse and write every thought about only one subject. I’m doing an Atonement (and to a lesser extent Plan of Salvation) Book of Mormon right now, which I did because my patriarchal blessing says to study the Atonement in depth. Try that with the Priesthood or Gospel of Jesus Christ or Parenthood or Teaching or Discipleship or Callings or Prophets or Testimony or Prayer or anything, and it will really open you up to receiving personal revelation (the only real way to learn the Gospel) from the Holy Ghost.

Bam. Missionary promise. Did you know missionaries are given the specific ability to make inspired promises, and that they really will come true? See Mormon 9:21.

21 Behold, I say unto you that whoso believeth in Christ, doubting nothing, whatsoever he shall ask the Father in the name of Christ it shall be granted him; and this promise is unto all, even unto the ends of the earth.


The work is getting better. I’ll say more below. Haha it’s funny how you and Mom share the same stories about Aspen and Sawyer. That bunny sounds great. If it weren’t for Jiggy, that would be fun to adopt. And I’m the worst about writing in my journal. I started writing again this morning, so that’s good. I have no idea why I was studying humility, but I learned a lot. Just all of a sudden at the end of my letter from a 2 weeks ao, I said “And I’ll talk about humility next time!” but I have no idea why. Weird how the Spirit works.

On to this week:

So last week’s letter turned out all Southern Baptisty. I’m just as surprised as you are. It kinda just came out that way.

That’s what happens when you literally listen to every single talk Jeffery R. Holland has ever said. 3 times.

Hopefully I can learn to control the burn, because I don’t think investigators would like it if I stood on their table and shouted my testimony. But I haven’t even tried it yet, so who knows!

But it has been easy to feel passionate lately.

The work is going just great, which I can promise you has absolutely nothing to do with the 2 brand spankin’ Elders serving in this area, one of whom still can’t remember how to say “I would like one of those donuts” (me) and the other who, literally every single night, falls asleep in the kneeling position. (that would be Elder Draper).

“Elder go to sleep. It’s now 11. Get in bed.”

“But I’m still praying!”

“No, Elder Draper, those are called ‘snores’.”

Speaking of Elder Draper, he has been killing me lately. And by that I don’t mean being annoying. Nor, in fact, do I mean, after I have come down from the mountain, poisoning me by degrees. (Little BOM joke there). He’s cracking me up.

Like when we came out of ward council, which was – how can I say this – COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYINGLY BRUTAL, and he says,

“Well, at least we were bold!”

What? This is how it went, Elder Draper. “So Apostle David A. Bednar said that we should do a 40 day chain fast for missionary work with the ward!”

“No. ”

“Alright. Next item of business.”

Then Elder Draper says, “Wait, we WEREN’T bold? Dang it. I thought we were that time.”

Or when we were eating lunch with the other Elders in our district, and Elder Lauder says,

“Man, I just cannot figure you out, Elder Draper! I don’t think I have ever even seen you change facial expressions!”

And Elder Draper pauses, fork have way to his mouth, swallows, looks Elder Lauder right in the eyes and says one word:


And then goes back to eating. Killed me.

But anyway, this week I was listening to a talk on gratitude by Thomas S. Monson (Just to mix things up from the Holland-o -thon), and he talked about the story of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes that we all know. But he talked about it in a way I haven’t thought of it before.

loaves fishes and you


He says that the Apostles did what are inclined to do. They said in effect,

“There’s no way we can feed all these people! All we have are some crusty loaves and those stinky fish Pete brought with him in his bag. Gross, they’re all linty!” (Incorrect emphasis added).

But Christ THANKED Heavenly Father for it, blessed it, and as we know, there was enough for everyone to eat their fill and more besides.

Sometimes, whether it be that we are serving in a HUGE AREA WHAT WERE YOU THINKING PRESIDENT KOSAK, or motherhood, or a new job, or any number of difficult life situations, and we just don’t feel like we can stretch far enough for the task.

We say, “There’s no way I will be able to go to all the people, let alone fill them up!”

But when we thank the Lord for the blessings/talents we DO have, and invite Him to help us, then we are more than a match for any situation. I know, because I’ve seen it, that I can be enough for an entire mission area, and I can spiritually feed all of these people, because that is what I have been called to do.

I know that when we are the best little fishes, the best crumbly loaves we can possibly be, in God’s hands we can become a feast.

Love, Elder Greaves


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