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Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Now I’m running on a treadmill! Backwards! YEEHAH!

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I promise that heading will make sense. 🙂


This week has been ROUGH.

With our car, we only get 2000 km a month, which with a quick calculation means that we had

2000 km X 1mi/1.6 km = … and units cancel… carry the 1… 3.3 miles.


And we ran out, because our area is 300 km long. And we live on one side. So you can use a quarter of the km in one day, easy.

So we had to use the buses and trains all week, which I knew was going to be interesting, because Elder Draper has only been here 2 transfers longer than me, and when we rode the trains back from Berlin my very first day, we were lost for

– and this actually isn’t an exaggeration for once –

4 hours.

With all my luggage.

Fantastically, this trend continued, since we clearly have no ability to judge how long it will take us walk or ride the bus anywhere.

We’ve missed so many forms of transportation this week, I’m surprised they don’t just send us up north to see if we can’t miss a submarine and go for the Triple-Crown.

All that means is that I am more tired than ever, working harder, learning more, talking to more people, and less success. But that just isn’t right, dadgum it. (Now you know I’m angry).

Christ and angels are working in this area, because they are working everywhere. The field has been de-stoned, tilled, aerated, fertilized, planted and sown, weeded, watered, dunged, cultivated, grafted, reweeded, the corn has been topped, the wheat is rising above the chaff, the keys to the harvester are in the ignition, the oil’s been changed, the tires are full, and it is time to harvest here!

Harvest-Field-300x187Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;

For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in storethat he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

–Doctrine & Covenants 4:3-4

This area is definitely considered a difficult one, but it has an awesome ward. We’re ordering 20 German BOM’s, and we are going to stop by every member’s house for like the next 4 weeks and give them BOM’s, then ask them to write down a list of names and pray about each one individually to see if they are ready for the message of the Gospel. And if they really don’t have any referrals, they can just write their testimony in it and give it back Sunday for us to hand out.


We are relying on a combination of good looks, guilt, and good ole fashioned, way over the top American friendliness now.

Also the Lord.

I know that fasting and prayer works. Try it! We have received another referral, again from someone not in our ward, and it was right after we finished another fast this weekend. In the words of Bernie: Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Dad: About soccer-They were all pretty darn good. It was weird because I’ve played with young guys and I played with old guys, but I’ve never played with 25-30 year-olds. It was interesting. I did alright, but my touch was absolutely gone. Had to play creatively, since I could not dribble to save my life. They were all super super polite, which is not something I’m definitely not used to.

The German people are different in a few ways:

1. They think that German is way harder than English
2. They are very polite always, but in a really straight-forward way that is definitely not American. An American might feel obligated to listen to you in some situations, or they might offer you something as an obligation (would you like something to eat?). But then they might complain to their friends later about how annoying it was that you talked to them or that you actually accepted their offer of food. Germans will just tell you that they do not want to talk to you, but then the problem is dealt with and it’s nothing. And if they offer you food or something, they actually mean it and will be offended if you DON’T take it.
3. They HATE accepting help.

Mom: Good luck with your lesson! Take on women and the Priesthood if you’re up to it! Just kidding. That’s a lot of work. I’ve been trying to get some stuff together for an investigator that gets back from vacation in 2 weeks who has a serious problem with that. I’m told she’s a debator, and refuses to pray as we ask her to, so if I can just make her consider that we are maybe right, she will hopefully try praying. She laughs when a missionary bears their testimony. 😦

Some really cool things I’ve found have come completely by accident while reading Jesus the Christ. A pretty well known one is how Mary Magdelene was the first to see the Resurrected Christ, but one that I didn’t really think about was the Virgin Mary. After eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Heavenly Father tells Satan that there will be enmity between He and the WOMAN, and HER seed. It was given unto woman alone to bring Christ into the world. This was certainly not a punishment, but a blessing, showing how the Lord definitely does not favor man over woman. I really liked that.


I really hope that works out for Grandma Ann [to be sealed to her parents]. Tell her I’m praying for her.

Speaking of Grandmas, how is Grandma Cathy? Just let her know I love her and would love to hear from her.

Sawyer:  That is so awesome!  And is that 12 minutes for 2 miles? Faster than me in 8th (9th) grade, especially at the beginning of the season. Height helps!

I’ll say more in my letters, which I still haven’t sent. Blame Mom, because I write half of her letter every night, then go to bed, then the next day I don’t like what I write and I start over.

Love ya!

Elder Greaves








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