elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Hallo aus Deutschland!


07-14 Elders Draper-Greaves
Elder Draper and Elder Greaves with Sister and President Kosak
07-14 learning
Receiving training upon arriving in Germany

People randomly emailed me this week!

Also, this German keyboard is making me tired.

First off, all the strange things about Germany. You hold the button down as long as you want a toilet to flush in Germany. I’m not some kind of potty wizard! I have no idea how long to do it!

Seltzer or carbonated water. Is gross.

Moving on.

About 95% of cars here are hatchbacks.

Also, everyone speaks German.
Really though, the first day, I kept walking around trying to figure out where all these foreigners had come from.

There’s no such thing as Walmart. let me repeat that. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS WALMART. You have to go to TWO!!! stores if you want notebooks AND food.

Last but CERTAINLY not least: no AC. I actually think I just heard two thumps as Grandpa Gerald and Dad both fainted. So it gets blistering hot in houses with all the humidity. That’s not even close to the worst part though. We have to sleep with all of our windows open or else we literally die. But then all these bugs get in and EAT US. I really really really hate bugs for a multitude of reasons, and there’s now a gang of mosquitoes in our bathroom (probably the Bloods if I had to guess). I fear our bathroom. But every morning I wake up with bites behind the ears, on my face, my arms… Those jerks. Attacking a man in his own home.

There are good things too. One of them is my companion, Elder Draper. He’s super nice, really humble. He’s been out for 3 months, but took a ton of German in high school. He understands all the grammar rules, but just needs a little bit more vocab before he’s really “fluent”. I, on the other hand, can’t understand anyone.

Oh! I guess I should probably say where I’ve been called. Lauenburg.

I am in one of two companionships with a car. Elder P2 from the MTC is in the other one. Perhaps the two new missionaries that enjoy walking and riding bikes the most. (We went on walks all the time in the MTC. It’s an Opel Corsa if you’re interested. It fits in here, which is to say it’s a little ugly. That means we have a huge area, and can’t take the train. It’s okay, and I’m glad that I can see it both ways, but I wish I could ride bikes or something. Well, probably in 3 months, when it’s nice and cool, I can!

A personal little miracle that I saw on Saturday when out tracting helped me. We talked to a lady about families and how we can live with them again in Heaven. I didn’t know what she was saying, but all of a sudden she was crying and saying she didn’t want to talk about that right now.

She was really very nice, but didn’t want to talk. My companion told me as we were walking away that she had said her husband had died only 4 weeks ago, and she couldn’t talk about this now. I started having a really almost sick feeling as we continued on, as if we were doing something wrong, but went on knocking on people’s doors. Then Elder Draper admitted he felt the same.

We decided that we had to go back and say more, even though we were understandably nervous to bother her again. But we did, and we bore testimony that she specifically could see and live with her husband again if she followed Jesus Christ, and we could tell her how. She thanked us again, and we gave her a card and left, but not before asking her to call us in a few weeks when she felt ready. We aren’t sure if anything will come of it, but after that experience of following the Spirit, I was able to understand just a little bit more and speak just a little bit better. I know that it is only through the Spirit that I will be able to help people.

Most of our investigators are out of town on the 6 weeks of vacation they get here, so we’ll see them in September. That means lots of finding! Or, I should say, searching. It’s not exactly the easiest to get people to open their doors, but kein Problem! I really believe there are prepared people out there for me to find and bring to Christ.

Also a dog peed on my shoes.

Elder Greaves


2 thoughts on “Hallo aus Deutschland!

  1. This is an awesome post. I need more detail on the dog. Size, color, breed, etc. Was the shoe peeing provoked, or a sneak attack?

  2. Elder Kaleb GERALD, wie gehts ( Don’t Germans use K instead of c ) Didn’t nobody tell you I now love heat? It can be as high as seventy degrees and I won’t evan gripe . I’m glad you haben sie das Auto. O.K. so the Deutsh Isn’t right. Cut me some slack. I spent 2 hours writing this. from now on we’re just going to fly over there and talk to you. Can’t you get a fly swatter and convert those bloods? gramps J.

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