elder caleb greaves

Holding to the Iron Rod in Germany

Off to Germany!

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District in Classroom

The most fun District.

District at the Temple

The most fun District at the Temple.

District before Germany

All the Germany missionaries enter together and leave together 6 weeks later. This is the full group the day before they boarded the planes!

Caleb and Rio

Elder Greaves and Elder Rio Sterr (now headed to Fiji).  Rio and Caleb were friends and trek brothers in Arizona.



Hey guys! First of all, Thank you so much for the special-K bars! They are amazing. Now I just need to figure out how to get them to Germany. . .

I’m emailing today because I don’t have P-day on Wednesday anymore,obviously, so I’m getting it in now. Pretty nice week so far. The teachers transitioned into confidence building mode recently, so that ‘s been nice. We had our last lessons with them today. It was pretty awesome. I’ve come to appreciate them both so much.

We also had our last lessons with our investigators, which was possibly even more sad. First was Josef, the one with the amazing story from last week. We taught Josef, AKA Bruder H., Saturday night after 2 hours of class time. We went into that class, our last real one, with one goal: Make Bruder H. completely lose his concentration. It turned out to be pretty easy, because Elder A., bless his Montanan heart, doesn’t know the months in order. Bruder H. never misses an opportunity to mock anyone, so after Elder A. practice once or 8 times, we were all all laughing really hard.

Then there was a burning smell. I was afraid I’d dropped something through this grate into the AC, which is not only dangerous but, depending on what it was, probably sacrilegious. Then this MTC worker pokes his head in and tells us that because there has been a horrible sewage smell in our building since day 1, they were trying to find the source by burning tobacco. (???)

Long story short, I had been feeling down all day, but suddenly, things starting looking up. I felt better than I had in weeks. Everyone else got headaches. This worries me. Who knew that the first time I had a word of wisdom issue would be in the MTC?

Teaching Bruder H. after all that was pretty difficult because despite the fact that we are both 18 years old, we were in an – and there’s no other word for it – giggly mood. He was also struggling to keep a straight face. We briefly considered teaching the Word of Wisdom while our building was basically one big tobacco pipe, but didn’t think we could hold it in.

He accidentally got his investigator parts mixed up, and thought he was a different person. So when I asked what he had been up to, he said,

“Oh, just went to the park with my kids.”

To which I replied, “You went to the park with your 18 year old, estranged daughter?”

He almost lost it then, but then Elder L., who clearly hadn’t quite grasped the full situation, asked him what his favorite thing to do at the park was.

THEN it was over. We quickly bore our testimonies and left.

Then today, we were supposed to teach Bruder D. We planned on the same thing, just saying it was our last visit, giving him words of encouragement, and leaving. Smelling a sudden dip in anxiety, Bruder D. quickly responded by immediately asking us questions about tithing, something pretty difficult for his character Johannes. We replied that,

“We left our pamphlets in our car. . .” so that we could get the Tithing handout. It ended up being one of our best lessons yet, darn him.

A little blessing was that my Deutsch was actually acceptable today. That helped me.

I am no where near to being ready to leave this great place, even if it is for a better place, but I know that it is going to be amazing. Another adventure begins tomorrow, and I’ve got my didgeridoo, some special K bars, and plenty of “skinnified” DI ties. I’ll be great.

Aspen (and other Harry Potter maniacs): So some poor fool left a usually locked door open, and upon a late night exploration, it was FILLED WITH A TON OF LEFT OVER AND LOST STUFF. WE FOUND A GENUINE ROOM OF REQUIREMENT. I suggested we form the DA – after our teacher, Bruder D.. It really was a huge room filled with everything that could possibly be imagined.

Sawyer: I have had the strangest hankering for the PS2 game Sly Cooper these last few days. Play some for me. Also, I’ve been bragging about your origami and altoid-tin-using skills.

Also the saddest thing happened today. My ID card for the MTC has been through a lot. Elder A. and I attempt to ninja star our cards into the card readers every time we get to a door.

Shockingly, we have not yet succeeded.

Mine was almost completely destroyed, was about half the size it had been, and was approximately 80% tape. I called it “Frankencard,” although “Job” may have been more appropriate. It no longer worked for doors, but humbly allowed me entrance into the cafeteria day in and day out. It was my best friend, and a pretty awesome parable for enduring to the end to boot.

But today, not 24 hours before it could finally have rest, it was, as I can only assume, translated.

Somewhere on the volleyball courts, Frankencard gazed upon the Pearly White Gates, and was lifted up into eternal rest.

I’m kinda ticked.

I’m gonna miss hearing “Wait- what the heck is wrong with your card?” every time I handed it to a lunch lady. Seriously. I wanted pictures with it.

Despite that tragedy, I’m still going strong.

I love you guys. A scripture that has really meant a lot to me this week is Romans 8:16. It talks about how God gave even Jesus Christ, his son, trials, so that he would learn obedience. Just knowing that God gives trials to even the person he loves most has given me strength.

Also, I’m really sad that I won’t be going to the Temple nearly as often anymore, because it has been a huge help. I learn so much there. I was thinking the other day about how awesome it is that even when you leave the temple, you don’t feel sad or even miss it. You may want to go back, but you don’t feel bad for leaving.  I love that.

Have a great week, I love you all so much, and see ya next Montag! (Monday)


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